Sunday, July 12, 2009

"Marvel Noir" Covers

Marvel has recently released a series of new mini-series in which the different Marvel characters are recreated- not just a little, like the Ultimate series, but completely- in 1930's crime ridden New York City. The series has a visual style similar to that of 1930s and '40s crime movies. They are truly brilliant. They stray away from the superhero factor, and more to a detective/thriller story.
For those interested, I thought I'd share some covers with you. So far, there are four miniseries- "Spider-Man Noir", "Daredevil Noir", "X-Men Noir" and "Wolverine Noir". The series don't just change the characters a little- they change practically everything about them. Essentially, they create new characters.
  1. "Daredevil Noir"
  2. "Spider-Man Noir"
  3. "Wolverine Noir"
  4. "X-Men Noir"
I hope some of you check out these miniseries. Two have been released in complete hardcovers- "Spider-Man Noir" and "X-Men Noir". They will be shortly followed by more hardcovers, and some new miniseries are on there way: "Luke Cage Noir" and "Punisher Noir".

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