Monday, April 20, 2009

"Radioactive Man Comics" and "The Simpsons"

Hey all.
I could go on and on about how bad I feel right now, but... yah. Whatever. Anyway, being at home today, I had some time on my hands. I did a multitude of things- watched "Solaris", read comics, and er... read comics. Attempted to watch Alien 3, but I found it too disturbing and had to stop watching it.
So, to take my mind off of child murders and exploding dogs, I downloaded some comics of "Radioactive Man Comics". For those who aren't fans of "The Simpsons", "Radioactive Man Comics" is Bart Simpson's favorite comic book. It's about this guy who's like Superman, but he's braindead and way more stupid than Superman is.
The concept of the series was that "Radioactive Man Comics" had been around since the 50's, and that Bongo Comics (the publisher) is presenting six highlights of the series. Almost every issue is a rip off of a famous storyline- my favorite being issue 679- "Who Washes the Washmen's Infinite Secrets Crossover Knight Wars?"- a combination of cult classics "Watchmen", "Batman: the Dark Knight Returns" and DC Megaseries "Crisis on Infinite Earths". A hiliarious issue filled with stupid pranks.
For anyone who's interested in a painful, side-splitting laugh, read these comics. If you request, I can post some links later on in the month of the whole series.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

"Solaris", Strep and More!

Hey all.
As you can tell from my lack of positive sentence structure, I'm not feeling well. I think I might have strep. What the heck, just one out of a million bad days, right? And today's been OK, so it's not like I feel suicidal or anything.
Anyway, some positive news: first two pages of my comic strip are finished. It won't be up on the website for some time though, as there needs to be actual text to read it. Quite happy so far- very visual. Maybe I'll get an Oscar for this- Oh, wait, that's for movies. Never mind.
A movie I've been dying to see called "Solaris" arrived in the post for me (courtesy of, and I am so looking forward to sitting down and watching it. It's in the "1001 Movies" book, and in the Criterion Collection, both of which I adore, so this is a double whammy for me. I'll post a review on my other blog when I've seen it.
So... how're you?

Saturday, April 18, 2009

New Book Coming Soon!

Dear family and friends.

I am about to self-publish my own short collection of stories I have written. The book will not be out for a while (Only one of my stories are featured in it so far), but over the years my short fiction will grow, and so this book. Depending on editions, the book will be priced at circa $10-$25.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Ventures Into Photography

Well... I started some photography. The reason why I've taken a sudden interest in it is because when I grow up, I want to be an art film maker. I just started doing photography to learn about composition. Anyway, I took  a great photo of my father- very noirish. I edited it in Photostudio, and created a Warhol picture of it.
I created two versions of the picture. In this post are both of them, a long with the original noir photo.

Sunday, April 5, 2009


I know that most of you are probably familiar with the Alien Merchandise- started by Ridley Scott and killed off in the recent "AVP" movies. Well, I always thought of it as... somewhat stupid. I mean, I sort of saw it as one of those really violent video games, like "Halo", where there is not really any objective apart from follow the road and kill people.
I never liked those games. Too violent for me. And Aliens... where do I begin. I always thought it was some stupid movie that was all about seeing marines killing- or vica versa- Aliens. It always looked like it had the bones there, but where's the meat?
About a week ago, my view of the merchandise changed. First of all, we have to state that the creatures are what they look like- skeletal, bug-like and drooling. And yes, I admit that they look like they're out of a game like "Halo". However, The first film is supposedly very clever. I've heard many of my suposedly "clever" friends say it's somewhat like watching a haunted house movie in space. Similar in style to "The Shining"- which I saw the other day, and, frankly, loved.
Now that I know that the Alien Merchandise is somewhat clever and exciting, I've started dipping my toe in the water. I bought the "Alien Triple Pack" which contains the first three movies- and, if I like what I see, will go on from there. I won't bother with "Alien: Ressurection", however, as loads of people say it's a bad movie. So, if I like it, I may check out some of the comics and novels (depending on the violence- I don't want people being ripped apart in front of my eyes). But, I am going to say this- I'm not going to bother with "Predator", unless someone convinces me likewise.