Monday, April 20, 2009

"Radioactive Man Comics" and "The Simpsons"

Hey all.
I could go on and on about how bad I feel right now, but... yah. Whatever. Anyway, being at home today, I had some time on my hands. I did a multitude of things- watched "Solaris", read comics, and er... read comics. Attempted to watch Alien 3, but I found it too disturbing and had to stop watching it.
So, to take my mind off of child murders and exploding dogs, I downloaded some comics of "Radioactive Man Comics". For those who aren't fans of "The Simpsons", "Radioactive Man Comics" is Bart Simpson's favorite comic book. It's about this guy who's like Superman, but he's braindead and way more stupid than Superman is.
The concept of the series was that "Radioactive Man Comics" had been around since the 50's, and that Bongo Comics (the publisher) is presenting six highlights of the series. Almost every issue is a rip off of a famous storyline- my favorite being issue 679- "Who Washes the Washmen's Infinite Secrets Crossover Knight Wars?"- a combination of cult classics "Watchmen", "Batman: the Dark Knight Returns" and DC Megaseries "Crisis on Infinite Earths". A hiliarious issue filled with stupid pranks.
For anyone who's interested in a painful, side-splitting laugh, read these comics. If you request, I can post some links later on in the month of the whole series.

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