Monday, February 23, 2009

"Coraline" and "9"

The other day, I went to a cinema at 84th Street in Manhattan to see a 10:15 screening of the new animated feature "Coraline". I must say that I really enjoyed the film. It was strange that such a scary book had been translated into an animated movie. I am glad it happened, though, because the book is one of my favorites.
I really like where animation seems to be going. With movies like "Coraline" out at the moment, it really seems to me that the form is growing into a respectable art form. There is so much uncharted terittory in animation it is hard to believe. It'll be like reading "Watchmen" all over again and realizing what comics can be.
Anyway, whilst I was at the cinema, I watched the previews. I don't do this often; I sort of daydream instead so that I can just get to the movie. The only time I really watch the previews is when it is for a film I've been waiting ages for. "Coraline" really wasn't one of those movies, but what the heck, you know? So, I was watching the previews, and the screen suddenly went dark. Errie music started playing, with views of a post-apocalyptic world flashing by. A heavy russian accent suddenly whispers, explaining that humanity has ended, and that he has created a rag doll called 9. 9 will continue life. And then, explosions leap out of the screen as giant mechanical robots are chasing these tiny, vulnerable warriors. I was thinking "what is this?". It looked brilliant, whatever it is. It turns out, the movie was called "9".
When I got back home, I finished my homework (a presentation on Theodore Roosevelt and an essay about suppression of ideas) and, afterwards, had a look at this "9" movie. I found out that it's based on an 11 minute C.G.I. animation made in 2005 by a guy called Shane Acker. He's also directing the new movie, which will be good. The short got tons of awards and nominations, so I watched it on YouTube, and I was blown away. I suddenly realized that animation could be capable of so much, and now that films like "9" are coming out, I think revolution is coming.
You can view the original short movie at this address:

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