Monday, September 7, 2009

"The Death And Return Of Superman"

When I found out the news that Doomsday, one of my all-time favorite Superman villains, was the central antagonist for season 8 of "Smallville", I went into a frenzy of reminiscence. In Smallville, Doomsday is the alter-ego of Davis Bloome, a paramedic with an appetite for violence. His alter-ego, the Doomsday creature, looks a little different from the comics, but still, it is great that, for the first time ever, Doomsday has come to the silver screen.
As I said before, I was reminiscing. The main reason why is that Doomsday was originally introduced in a Superman story arc named "The Death Of Superman". Superman and Doomsday both die at the end of the graphic novel, and so it sets up events for the next two entries, "A World Without Superman" and "The Return Of Superman". These events were also recently adapted into an animated film, named "Superman: Doomsday".
Now, as many of my family and friends will know, I don't like the Superman character, but I don't despise him. Many of his stories don't appeal to me because he has no flaws- the only comic that had him in that I ever liked was "Superman: For Tomorrow"- one that I recommend to everybody. I do believe, however, that "The Death And Return" is Superman at his best. It was so successful as an arc that there was an audio drama, several animated adaptations (with lots of artistic liberty) as well as a video game.

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  1. Speaking of Superman deaths they may as well off him again before 2012. This time permanently. DC Comics lost half the characters rights to the heirs of Jerry Siegel. This means they can't use many of the terms associated with Superman including the planet Kryton, Clark Kent, and Lois Lane. But they used their heads and still have the rights to Lex Luthor and Kryptonite. So if they lose all rights to the character, Superman might have to be renamed Kryptonite Man and given a total makeover as part of another character recton/relaunch. Could be part of yet another Infinite Crisis type event after the supposed previous one, Final Crisis where they killed off Bruce Wayne.