Sunday, October 18, 2009

Double Double Bills

You know, I've been going to the cinema a lot quite recently. I've discovered an art/rerun cinema right next to me (in Manhattan, it's not possible to not be in a strategic location), and a mainstream cinema opposite me. However, my stays in these cinemas have been... elongated. The reason why is both visits to the cinema have been a blast from the past... First of all, all the films I saw were reruns, and they were double bills!
The first double bill I went to see had "Toy Story" and "Toy Story 2", in 3D. It was great seeing these classic films again, particularly the first one. The reason why is I haven't seen the film since I was 4 years old, and seeing it on the big screen was almost like seeing it for the first time. I really enjoyed seeing them. The double bill also announced that a new Wii game is coming out- "Toy Story Mania"- which is based on the classic ride in Disneyland. I've been on the ride in Disneyland, and it was brilliant, so I am excited.
The second bill- which I saw last night- was a little more frightening. As Halloween is coming round- one of the biggest holidays in America- There are a lot of Halloween events around. For example, on the tv channel TCM, there are multiple horror themed marathons going on. For example, there is a Boris Karloff marathon the day before Halloween, and a "Meteor Night" marathon that plays some really old sci fi movies.
Well, do you remember that art cinema I mentioned? They have a string of horror movies playing at the moment, and whilst most of them are very clever, they are also a bit too much to see at the big screen. However, there were a few that I would have seen, but unfortunately missed- "An American Werewolf In London", with a Q&A with John Landis, and Tom Savanni's remake of "Night Of The Living Dead". However, the double bill I went to see was better than any of that. It was (drum roll please)............... "The Horror Of Dracula" and "The Curse Of The Werewolf"! Two classic Hammer Horror films for the price of one (almost)! Anyone who knows me well will know that "The Horror Of Dracula" is one of my all-time favorite movies! Seeing it on the big screen was incredible. I had never seen "The Curse Of The Werewolf" before, and whilst it wasn't the best film I've ever seen, it was amazing to see on the big screen.
And if any of you hammer fans live in London, they have an upcoming Hammer event in London- The Hammer Festival, which includes ghost walks and screenings of classic Hammer films. If you're a Hammer fan, then this is worth checking out.

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