Monday, March 16, 2009

"Batman: Arkham Asylum" and the Future of Comic Book Video Games

Today, I was just playing my PS2. I was playing "Fantastic Four: The Official Movie Game", and whilst I was beating up Diablo, I was thinking: this is an OK game. Most of the games I have are comic-book based. I tend to go towards RPG games, and stray away from shooters. I don't like games like "Doom" and "Left 4 Dead", as I hate the violence. Not many of the comic book games I play have been absolutley mind-blowing. The one that was brilliant, however, was "The Incredible Hulk: The Official Movie Game". The game was not great with the graphics; it was pretty simple, but the playability was brilliant. One of the most addictive games I've ever played.
When a comic book game comes out, I tend to screech and say "Oh No!", as they usually end up badly. The ones I get I get on the basis of other's reviews. However, when I saw the trailer for the upcoming "Batman: Arkham Asylum", I was blown away by the playability and the graphics. And, whats more, Mark Hamill is returning for his role as the Joker! The last time he did this was in the animated series.
Hopefully, with the release of "Batman: Arkham Asylum", we will see more brilliant comic book games coming out. I'd like to see where this is going as a medium. To see the trailer, click here. And to see the official website, click here.

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