Friday, March 6, 2009

"Watchmen" Tomorrow!

I got my tickets for "Watchmen"! Me and my father will be going for a 6:00 PM screening of it across the street from us. I've been scribbling like crazy, drawing picture after picture after picture of all the Watchmen characters... I've been looking at all of my copies of "Watchmen" (three copies of the actual comic and the book "Watching the Watchmen" and "The Art of the Film"), and I'm about to go nuts with all of the fanart of Watchmen located at DeviantART!!!!
How many of you are going to see the film? I've been seeing some reviews that say the film is ridiculous... I hope it isn't. I really, really hope it isn't. "Watchmen", from what we've seen so far looks brilliant- and amazingly, "Watchmen" is the only film that I've seen every sing TV-Spot for. Also, there are a series of "Watchmen Video Journals", and you can view them here:
And here is a picture I illustrated of "Watchmen", a long, long time ago:

See you soon!

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