Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Children's Post Apocalyptic Cartoons

Did any of you see "Wall-E"? I did. I was quite ill at the time, and when I watched it I found it really depressing. I mean, this is the plot: Earth has been destroyed by rubbish, and so they have robots called Wall-Es clearing everything up. Whilst that's happening, humans are living on a luxury cruise, and they are all fat. I mean, isn't that a depressing story line? I was suprised that children like to watch that sort of stuff.
So, I wanted to see if there were any other post apocalyptic cartoons that could mildly depress children. I found one called "9", which I've mentioned before, but I didn't really consider it a children's cartoon. I did, however, find two others. They are called "Peace On Earth" and "Good Will To Men". I must say that they were not as depressing as "Wall-E", but still, I think some children would end up with a post-traumatic-distress disorder. But what am I saying? Judge for yourself.

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